Blog posts

I still don’t understand what posts are really…

Does it depend who you Are? Ate we meant to write to inform? To entertain? Explain? Argue maybe??

Like a newspaper, do we need to write the whos, wheres, whens, whats and whys of the situation at bay?

Or like a diary?  Sharing all the sweet details of my secrets…

The possibilities are endless. Which is why I’m confused!

Micaiah’s xoxo


Writing ten

1. Full name
2. Parent’s names
3. More family business.
4. Key dates, certain birthdays, anniversaries.
5. Cloests mates
6. Most disliked people
7. Interests
8. Pet hates
9. Locations and settings
10. What makes them human? / Real characters (even if they’re not human – relatable)

Micaiah’s xoxo