Remember that time before
All our problems were serious?
I’d get “ill,” “Mum call school”
Not a hint of doubt in her actions
I was accepted into bed another hour
Not a hint of doubt like now…
Going through the list of fibs…

All to get out of class
Because We didn’t think-
Centuries of
Discoveries (could be)all on a page for
Each one of us to

Grade me
*degrade me to your system of failure.


Science websites are great. There are so many that can help with revision.

This one contains games and videos. Yay! I feel like a three year old but it’s so much better than opening a text book…I am willing to shot myself in those occasions.

Actually I’m not. I don’t mind them. Just at home I mind them because I get so distracted. If I’m at school, in a working environment, I can do so much better.

What about you? Do you have certain ways to revise? Science especially? 

Micaiah’s xoxo

The boy whose penis cried “I love you”

Let’s face it, we all know about the howling wolf locked up behind those chains of steel and cheap fabric.

There once was a school boy who.was bored as he sat in detention watching other students walk by. To amuse himself he took a great breath and sang out all of me by John legend

All the girls came running into the detention room to be serenaded. To be his perfect girl.

Of course, he told her all of him loves all of her, especially when she goes down on him and sends his rocket to the sky.

They all found he did not love all of her, or any of her. The boy laughed at the sight of their angry faces.

“don’t trick these young hearts,” called the headmistress “when at 15 these hearts are very young,” and they all went grumbling out of the detention room.

Later, the boy sang out again, “just the way you are” by Bruno Mars. To his naughty delight he got another student in detention and made out on the desk whilst the teacher was gone for a coffe break.

When the girl realised he didn’t really stop and stare when she smiled but instead when she took off her shirt she ran away in tears.

The teacher returned and said sternly “save your love songs for when they truly have meaning, don’t tease these young hearts.”

The boy just grinned and watched them leave the room once more.

Later, he saw a girl who he, for real, fell in love with at first sight. Amazed, he leaped on to his feet and sang as loudly as he could: backstreet boys “I’ll never break your heart,”

But she had heard the truth, thought he was trying to fool her like the rest, and so she left.

At sunset, everyone wondered why the boy hadn’t left the detention room.
His parents went to go find him. Find him they did; found him weeping.

“I really did mean it this time, she left, why did she leave? I cried out that I wouldn’t break her heart.”

His father comforted him on the way home. “you’ll see her in skl again im the morning,” He put his arm around the youth. “no one believes a liar… Even when he’s telling the truth.”

That was a really long (unlike him) and off track way of exploring possible ways to vent today’s experience online. Don’t take it word for word but the moral is there.
The only other thing is that young hearts get confused easily.
Love and lust is not the same

This isn’t the story of today. But it’s what came out.

Oh I have to thank my inspiration. My bae, who admittedly said these words aloud:

I got a boner everytime I was near you, I think it’s a sign that we’re meant to be together.

erm… Hahaha… No.

Micaiah’s xoxo

Last day before break

I bloody well need it.

I’ve been spreading yourself too thin as they say. Can’t even taste the glorious butter it’s almost not worth taking the time and effort to try to butter the toast.

Nah, it’s been good though. An eventful, tiring life is more exciting than sitting around for 5 months not really knowing what to do with yourself…

That’s the wonderful thing. If you’re reading this you’ve probably got the opportunity to do anything from sitting on the sofa watching a good movie to sky diving to a world challenge consisting of building houses and bike rides and an experience of new cultures.

You can learn to write, to draw, to speak 7 languages, to play an instrument and even do something with that potential talent.

Really, your imagination is really your only limit. If you want pink kangaroos then think about ways you could makw that happen (art. Toys. Science maybe?)

I’ve gone off topic again!! See? I really need a Break!

Micaiah’s xoxo

Life of the threatre

Indeed one of the most exciting things of being an actor on stage is the tech rehearsals that go until 10pm.

My apologies for being unable to keep updated since I was in fact at least three hours non stop on that stage last night.

Not that I’m complaining. It’s actually such a good experience. I’m enjoying it so much. Even though I’m having less sleep than usual and more exams than usual!!

Micaiah’s xoxo

Feeling a rush

You know when you have one of those days where you’re actually productive and you feel like you grabbed the bull by the horns and sat it down…

I had one of those days today. I got the balence between work hard and play hard this morning especially.

I woke up two hours before school and got my shit together!

Hang out with mates half an hour before maths then settling and doing what I could, and when I couldn’t I would quickly find a hand from a friend or a map in the textbooks.

Art; already done the exam, planning next steps. Got it all in the mind.

Science, I sat down and worked. And when I’d finished the work early (on time but the rest of my class were like wild animals, took a year to settle them down) and I got out some revision sheets!!

Everyone over my shoulder “oh what you highlighting?” “atoms? Do we need to look at that?” haha, we have to look at everything!

THEN, MY FINAL SNOWBOARDING LESSON!!! It was fun, it was serious, I fell over everytime but the last time!!!
I rolled and I tripped and had snow in places I didn’t know snow could go.

And now revision. Because two exams are tomorrow!! 

Micaiah’s xoxo

Snowboarding away

As I pack my snowboarding bag one last time the memories of where I started and where I got over the months flashback. Not in a I’m about to die kind of way, but a reminiscence type of way.

The first time I did it I couldn’t tie the boots up right! Or attach myself to the board. Or go up the ski sit…

Now I can do two of three on that list. The hardest part really is going back up after stumblingy way down. <– hey, it's part of the fun.

One thing I must note is:
On my very first lesson, I had brought my mother's tight red ski suit. I strapped myself into it (not going to lie it showed some curves) then the instructors asked us to bend down and reach our boards.
I could not do it.
As in I physically could not reach down – my suit refrained me from doing so.
The entire lesson I had my best friend laughing at me, helping me out.

It’s a shame to think now on the last day I’ve upgraded to the bigger slope and won’t get to see her there. She’ll probably be laughing at me even if she can’t see me. 

I can’t say snowboarding is my best talent and because of that I’ve gained a new appreciation for professional snowboarders. The control they have on the snow is epic.

As are these soon to be memories.

Micaiah’s xoxo