Is the high Worth the Crash

The higher you fly
The harder you fall

There are people to catch you,
The fall ain’t so bad.

A constant roller coaster.

Just always being alright…
That’s not valuing an exciting and thrilling life
But by discovering so much more:
You discover the wonders of the world and it’s poision.  So much venom.
Must that snake been so tempting?
Must that apple been so red?
Must that girl have desired nothing else…



Obssessive Cat Disorder.

It’s Pawful.

I’m not the only one who shares their love for their pet a little too much.

You see, he sleeps in my room.
Sometimes next to me, or on the bed, or on me.

Sometimes he claws his nails into me for aussmed affection, sometimes.

Our breathing is never in time, mine are bigger and slower. He breaths in before he has finished breathing out.

He stares. He winks. Blinks.
Shuts his eyes…

He sleeps with me.
And i find a way to tell the world about my beautiful white lion.

Frozen Dead

Her broken lips sealed shut by the moisture of her mouth.
Exhaling through her nose as it drips defeat.
Paler than snow as the frostbite reachers her eyes and caves it’s way through her vains digging into her soul.
Black blood from the fool’s red tongue slivering in her ear as the devil whispered yellow temptations.


Remember that time before
All our problems were serious?
I’d get “ill,” “Mum call school”
Not a hint of doubt in her actions
I was accepted into bed another hour
Not a hint of doubt like now…
Going through the list of fibs…

All to get out of class
Because We didn’t think-
Centuries of
Discoveries (could be)all on a page for
Each one of us to

Grade me
*degrade me to your system of failure.

Looking For a New

There was a poet who wrote poems.
His poems were old ideas
The kind of old that is new
Like my grandfather’s shoe…

That shoe is old in time,
But being as it is mine
As it has never been before;
It’s still shiny in the core
Of my heart, mind and soul,
With a worn out the sole.