I told my mate I was feeling sick

He desperately called to me “don’t be sick,” He cried!

I’m a bit like internet atm, he can tell me to hurry up but I don’t really control the connection.
He can say what he wants but this feeling won’t go away with yelling…
With screaming…

Suffering in silence presents the same agony as being heard if not less.
Because when you’re crying out loud you are calling for help, you are in need of someone else…
And it can affect the others around you like a natural disaster, bringing others with you.
Without realizing you are the fault of the storm. The homeless and the hungry.

Suffer in silence. Suffer alone. As long as you fight. Keep fighting. You’ll come out stronger.

And listen to mulan’s I’ll make a man out of you, totally empowers women!

Micaiah’s xoxo


You’re my caffeine. You wake me up.

I can still smell this morning’s coffee and the rain on his shirt.
But he still looked presentable. He has a respectable aura, even if he isn’t the most polite gentlemanly guy…

Which he tries to be. Opening the door, offering a hand with everything, carrying my bag, helping me study…

And he’s such a smooth talker, he knows it, I don’t why people sweet talk. “You look cute when you’re revising, trying to at least,” my heart melts a bit but I don’t want it to be because of the way he treats me… Though I’m so delighted he does. I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else looking at me saying “You look lonely”
He’s smart. Genuinely clever. Walking around in a suit and looking smug. “copper oxide, a slow release of gas bubbles. The lime water did not change.  The solid in the test tube was green.” (copper = green. Mind you, I learnt that today) I stutter on about carbon dioxide which is wrong and he says:

How do I explain this without telling you the answer?

And I, honestly, wow. It’s not everyone’s I love you. But…  To me, he couldn’t have said anything better. I mean he was actually trying to help me. You see he had to think about it. You can see he wanted me to get the right answer. So much so that he said “get this one right and I will kiss you.” ha!
I’m glad we didn’t. Not today. Because he loaded the gun and told me If i was good enough to pull the trigger.

And well… I never answered the question. It was only three marks. I think he believed I could truly do it. But I had no idea that the production of steel uses oxygen because it needs oxygen to react to carbon but the production of titanium uses argon because it’s unreactive. Any oxygen reacts with magnesium.

I’m sleepy but I had to write down. I don’t think I could tell him any of this really.

I get attached quickly, even though this wasn’t a ferrar. I’m afraid my attachment might be too much, I don’t want it to be just about him but I always need someone to give me reason.

He gives me something to talk about that’s not the shit in my head. I know it’s chemicals that make me clingy to you. Which is funny, even if you say not everything has to be funny.

I’ve lost my point. I always do. I get side tracked. Distracted. And I enjoy it. I’m going to need a lot more typing time. Sleepy again. Nununumunight.

Micaiah’s xoxo

All things personal

Do you ever feel like you talk to someone too much?
Like you’re annoying them?

Do you ever feel like you think about someone too much?
Like they’re constantly there?

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?
Like you’re wanting to start again?

Sorry, that last one, although kind of fits,  is a pure example of how I relate basically everything to songs.

I thought I only did that out loud. Oh well.

Long story short.
Girl likes boy.
Boy likes girl.
Friendships are stronger than relationships…  So they both keep quiet.

Micaiah’s xoxo

A constant love song

So he’s like:

I’m so addicted to
All the things you do
When you’re going down on me
In between the sheets
Or the sound you make
With every breath you take
It’s not like anything
When you’re loving me

Saving abel, addicted

I’m like:

Oh he treats me with respect
he says he loves me all the time
he calls me fifteen times a day
he likes to make sure that I’m fine

There’s just one thing
that’s getting in the way
when we go up to bed
you’re just no good
it’s such a shame

I look into your eyes
I want to get to know you
and then you make this noise
and it’s apparent it’s all over

It’s not fair
and I think you’re really mean

Oh, you’re supposed to care
don’t you never make me scream
you never make me scream

Oh, it’s not fair
and it’s really not ok

Oh, you’re supposed to care
but all you do is take

Oh I lie here in the wet patch
in the middle of the bed
I’m feeling pretty damn hard done by
I spent ages giving head

Then I remember all the nice things
that you’ve ever said to me
maybe I’m just overreacting
maybe you’re the one for me

By lily allen, not fair.

Ha! It’s not like hasn’t happened five times before.
I’m sick of it.
But I always go back.
I never learn.
Maybe I’m the one who’s addicted.

I guess people do get high on love. And I guess people can get low without it. It’s unhealthy. It’s everywhere. Constantly.

Pulling our eyes awake at night. Blinding us from reality.

Micaiah’s xoxo

Lyrics of the day 8

So the arrow shot right through her heart
She fell so hard
The pain was unbelievable.

Give me something I can feel
Love kills over and over
Something I can truly feel

And we felt so scared
Theres a lesson that you’ve always got to learn

One last
Won’t you give me all tonight?
Something I can truly feel

Micaiah’s xoxo

Lyrics of the day 7

When it’s said and done you’re the only one
Is everything you see reminding you of me?
And I can’t regret you so

I can’t forget you

I hate to feel this way
My days all feel the same
And yesterday was proof tomorrow will too
Cuz all I do is think about you.
Its been forever and it won’t go away.

Stop haunting my dreams. Please set me free.

Micaiah’s xoxo

Lyrics of the day 6

Too much of anything can make you sick.
Makes it hard to know which road to go down.
Just know you’re not in this alone.

Quiting is out of the question.
All you can do is make the best of it now.

We gotta fight for this love

We’ve been driving so fast we just need to slow

Micaiah’s xoxo