I’ve been arguing with you so much in my head that I’ve created a monster in my nightmares.
She shares my name and my face, despite it’s bruises and scars.
I agree with her
It’s not fair on us
But she is hysterical
It’s not fair on me
It’s doesn’t hurt you like it hurts me
So she struck me
A knife most commonly
Sometimes just her hands
She is a figment of my imagination.
She is the broken inside.


Here we go again

Things don’t seem to be going okay
it started with him saying hey
Then again came today
Is it me who has to pay?
Still again, I am his prey
I’m not his only stray.

Look at that, i’m his possession.
“Yes sir,” And if i try to run
I know I’ll be faced with aggression
Why fight when he’s already won?
One more councelling session
Despite I’ve told them I’m done.
Leading to spurious depression
But they say it’s meant to be fun
Failing with creative expression…
Hahaha, is that a gun?

It no longer exists near me

Not when it comes to you
There is no light,
Like there used to be
The memory fades
Ghostly voices howl in your direction
Reminding me of who we used to be
The horrors of you kicking me
To sleep at school and
Stay awake in bed with you
I hide from the thoughts of you
Yet hauntingly beautiful times appear
In the photo album where you
Squeeze me, tease me,
And I’m almost compelled
To try and hope…
But no
It doesn’t exist near me
Not between us