“You make your own Destiny”

You are what you do..!!! – http://wp.me/p6hql3-19

It’s all down to us in the end.
Our will.
Our values.
We’re the lucky ones who get a chance to do what we want, what we love.
But it’s not all luck really…


I hate you

But i love you more than i hate you
You cripple me
Because you are so good to me
Because you raise me up
I can’t
I can’t do it myself

I hate you
Because even with a careful slight of hand you choosr ur words
If I like them nothing makes me happier (there in it’s self I guess is a disadvantage, although i guess I’ll always have my sparkling water)
If I don’t like them… It’s probably because they unintentially hurt me in too many delicate ways.

I’m sensetive. I’m overwhelmingly emotional. I guess crying and laughing is what I do. Is it caused by you?
No. I’m the catalyst, your just the temperature that speeds up the reactions; my reactions.

Do you think I’m pretty when I cry?
Oh you think I am always pretty.
You don’t mean to make me so, but you do none the less.
Maybe the ocean doesn’t mean to drown it’s sailors but it’s a catastrophic imevitable trick of nature.

Why are love poems written?
To express their content?
Or to express their suffering?

Love is the beautiful, unnecessary prolonging of hidden suffering. Notice:

As you picture their hair, their eyes, the shape of their lips and how their tongue sits silently in their month… You forget the world, you forget other human beings, your responsibilities – just for an instance.

Love is isolating. You ever had a best friend you spend too much time with? You had a fight. You have no one else…

Maybe you’ve done it with books, tv series, video games. You commit your livong breath to the sourse of power and when it’s gone you realise you don’t really have anything else left.

I guess you can find something else to do.

But I’m okay with being selective. Letting myself suffer happiness only from those who I have interest in. That’s not only you, but authors, playwrites, performers, waiters, chefs…

Friends is a different matter.
What makes a friend?
Is it just someone we like?
How much do we need to like them?
Do we need to spend a certain amount of time together?
Does this depend on each imdividual friendship?

Why is obssessive a bad thing? Koalas and slothes hold on to their tree for dear life. I hold on to whats worth living and dying for.

I am passionate for the arts. I have never been in control of myself. I’ve been guided by pens and pencils; words and paint; melodies and lyrics. By emotion.

Have I ever been in control of myself?
Do I let my passionate take over.
For now as a nieve teenager who’s only had the privellage of experiencing the wonderful I will continue to let my metaphorical heart lead me…
And let the logical part of my mind criticise my youth.


When all individuals of a speicies die out.

New predators
Better competition
Catastrophic event such as
a Volcanic Eruption; burning lava disturbing the soil, creating changes.

Do you think we’ll live forever?