Janus – Broken – Girl In The Box Series

” there are monsters everywhere, the entire race is comprimised, shot through with weakness of emotion. To glorify people in spite their flaws is the trick i had to learn.”


Happy Thoughts

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think.” – Dale Carnegie via http://positivethinking.net

This is my Island

Where the sun beats on my face until the moon fights for first place.
The stars her soldiers burning away the memory of how I got here.
This is my island because no one else is here.
These are my golden sands and rocky shores that smell of salty seaweed.
These are my trees, that grow short enough for me to reach the top
– for me – to eat the fruits it possesses
These caves my shelter and secret.
This my imaginary home. In my mind.
This is my mind.

Is the high Worth the Crash

The higher you fly
The harder you fall

There are people to catch you,
The fall ain’t so bad.

A constant roller coaster.

Just always being alright…
That’s not valuing an exciting and thrilling life
But by discovering so much more:
You discover the wonders of the world and it’s poision.  So much venom.
Must that snake been so tempting?
Must that apple been so red?
Must that girl have desired nothing else…


Obssessive Cat Disorder.

It’s Pawful.

I’m not the only one who shares their love for their pet a little too much.

You see, he sleeps in my room.
Sometimes next to me, or on the bed, or on me.

Sometimes he claws his nails into me for aussmed affection, sometimes.

Our breathing is never in time, mine are bigger and slower. He breaths in before he has finished breathing out.

He stares. He winks. Blinks.
Shuts his eyes…

He sleeps with me.
And i find a way to tell the world about my beautiful white lion.

Remind me

Of what I should forget
Tempt me
Though it won’t be hard
I desire the memory
Yet its painful
Damage control would say
Live in the present
Look to the future
But the past is a glorious thing
I am most grateful for mine