Muted Music

When sound is no longer heard,
But now is seen…
You learn you’re your senses.
Subjective to the life you live,
Too late to give
And take in the same hand…

You learn your eyes have been decieved, by liars and fated false hope. 
Music is a melody of chemical love that shatters unfaithful dreams into fragmented reality.

Your frame, outlining the window to the soul, so small and shy, scared?
With eyes so closed how do you see?
Do you restrict your own visual to hide your trustest self from wondering perverted prying scopes?

Even when you look inside me, i fail to go as far as you. Maybe I watch you too often to notice that you see a layer deeper than most but not deep enough. Is it the same with me, can I even break the window you look through in protection of your own?


Who do you go to

When you need to talk
And you keep crying
You’re not sure what to say
But you’re crying a lot
You’ve lost the person you could talk to best
You can’t talk to other people the same way
How do i stop this
Too much emotion.
Please help me
This is constant.
Everyday i find some other problem.
I keep making it worse for myself.
This wasn’t a problem.
Not until recently.


Asleep, in a dream I was.
I wouldn’t have woke up now if my light wasn’t on…
But I awoke from a dream less painful than reality
For then only my sleepy concious was in play
Yet now physical stress is pulling on my emotional stress and dwelling on my past, dragging tearss… Out of my eyes and on to my bed sheets.
Shhh, don’t talk.
She will hear you.
Then they’ll all know.
Then it’s a blast to the past.
Where tears were red.
This dream, it was so again, but had I kept sleeping I wouldn’t of woken up with these thoughts or just the opposite… Have I been thinking about it enough under the surface to resuface?
Was I never thinking about it at all?
For a fact today I looked in the mirror and saw two pairs at once.