2015 in review

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Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,300 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 38 trips to carry that many people.

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Christmas Homework

Realises Pointlessness of Art GCSE - Copyright to me, as i am owner of this photo, pencil, sketch book and drawing. Thank you.

So being in year eleven means you get no Christmas, because you have mocks and serious homework like drawing a shoe.

Hey, hey look!!
It’s A shoe!!
You can’t wear it, because….
Guess what?
It’s a drawing!!
It’s not even very good.
One of the best sketches I have in my book though. Yay.


What if sleep is the gateway to another universe?

Another life.

Because when I dream you can not tell me what I went through was not real. What I saw, heard and felt was real.

What’s to say this isn’t the dream?

If life is subjective and it is all in our heads then surely sleep and what we go through must be too?

I guess each dream is personal as others cannot have the same dream, but does that mean our thoughts are not real, our subtext, the words we decide not to say out loud or the actions we don’t follow through with…?

Then my dreams… Where am i going? Who am i meeting?
It is no coincidence I dreamed of a friend i hadn’t seen in a while and now see him again today.
Maybe it is. Maybe coincidences and randomness does exist and humanity tries too hard to make sense of everything.

But like most of my other posts, I guess we’ll never know.

New Binge

Tumblr - Quantico - copy right to who ever owns, basically not mine, credit to producers and all that jazz

I found this show yesterday.
I have successfully finished watching eleven episodes that have aired in the past two days!

Seriously the best terrorist crime drama TV series I’ve ever watched and can’t believe there’s going to be 22 episodes in this season alone.

I don’t know where they’ll take it as plot twists keep coming up and changing my view on every character about three times each half an hour…

I cannot stop and now I have to because I’ve finished it and that’s kind of upsetting. However, I am so impressed at the writers/directors/actors who have made these characters, situations so addictive, allowed to create sympathetic and relatable real scenarios and people, with the added impossible for escapism.

So much happened and I feel so involved. Especially emotionally and mentally, because of the secrets and the lies and discovering something new or the use of dramatic irony that makes us react; well I personally felt the need to keep the secret for the characters. Yet, I’m sure others wanted to shake them and tell the trainees.

I found out this show aired recently, November it seems so it explains why when ever I mention it no one knows anything or anything.

I’m trying really hard not to involve any spoilers, but there are so many incredible moments!

In a way it reminds me of Pretty Little Liars: who’s A? / who set up Alex ? We know she’s innocent, we know whoever was involved was one of the 61 in her class, or maybe it was more than one.

People die, people fall in love, people break hearts, take bullets, backstab, lie, do the wrong thing, question and doubt themselves constantly.

There’s a monologue ish bit from Simon:

You ever want to push a button and make it all go away? Everyone you’ve ever loved and lost. Everything that ever hurt you. Just one button. No more fighting, no more regrets, no more noise. Blow it all up and see what happens.

And I can see this being one of the mainstream quotes from the series, it is emphasised through repetition. Furthermore, connoting the main theme, it’s funny … They use a lot of puns and subtle hints at things.

The change through past and present is very clever and very entertaining and probably the best I have seen (though i have limited knowledge) in moving image; it’s like having two stories at once even though it’s the same story and because we’re seeing the future we’re assuming we know the past but it can still present it’s self as unpredictable.

The multi-strand plot that goes on between the detail and depth of each character is remarkable (as is with most tv shows, true) yet I feel the actors are still learning about their character’s “true selves” and how they would behave. Maybe I only noticed certain things when they were mentioned but it looked like they’d only act on it after the certain spill was brought up.

Can’t tell who’s fault that is.

Obviously a lot of political debate and background is part of this TV programme, potentially true stories, attacks, the meaning of candour,  trust, authority, questioning orders, consciousness and instinct. However, that last one will always be compromised due to a script.

Overall I am obsessed and can’t wait for the new episodes. Fantastic show, I can see it becoming popular.

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Student Alert: Why Didn’t I Pass My Mock Exams? – http://wp.me/pXB3x-mw

As I am doing my GCSE Mocks after Christmas, and have not had the time to do much writing of my own, I find it very fitting that I share this.

If any of you are in similar places, good luck.
Or if you’re not but need luck any way… Please take a generous sum.

Thrashes of Fire

I understand now
An act of passion can’t just be for pleasure , not even just affection, but a declaration of promised trust, loyalty and devotion to the other.
Its selfless and thoughtful.
As simple as the first gift of chocolate…
Even be it in friendship, that kindness, goodness, trust and communication.
Looking them in the eye not for your benefit of seeing their beauty, or theirs to yours, but to proof you are so drown in focus the rest of the world fades out in that very moment.

We live in our heads

How do we know when our emotions are real and not imaginary?
Surely even if its in our head its real
because our hearts can’t feel

we live in our heads but we have to trust it.