Hamlet Cumberbatch


Hamlet, let’s face it, is basically Shakespearian lion king! (since lion king is based off of that)
Nevermind the actual story or plot – which written by a genius, had me in laughter and tears!
Benedict’s incredible acting left me starstruck as he was even more beautiful in person! 
Scar very well presented, better than nala’s voice yet when she was going crazy I was impressed! 
Is there symbolism behind having the same actor as the ghost of the Father and playing the gravedigger… I think so!
And the lighting and setting…  Incredible and most important assets! 
Lighting not only creates atmosphere and mood but location which was so amazingly done! Don’t even get me started on the 30 minut intervalset change!!! 
The set it’s self was magnificent! 
What an amazing experience!  Such an exceptional.production, yet not faultless.

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Micaiah’s xoxo


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