Lyrics of the day 9

You, your sex is on fire

You’re dying.

Your sex is on


I have a fever.
I could just taste it.
Taste it

We’re still the greatest!
The greatest

Micaiah’s xoxo


Lyrics of the day 8

So the arrow shot right through her heart
She fell so hard
The pain was unbelievable.

Give me something I can feel
Love kills over and over
Something I can truly feel

And we felt so scared
Theres a lesson that you’ve always got to learn

One last
Won’t you give me all tonight?
Something I can truly feel

Micaiah’s xoxo

Lyrics of the day 7

When it’s said and done you’re the only one
Is everything you see reminding you of me?
And I can’t regret you so

I can’t forget you

I hate to feel this way
My days all feel the same
And yesterday was proof tomorrow will too
Cuz all I do is think about you.
Its been forever and it won’t go away.

Stop haunting my dreams. Please set me free.

Micaiah’s xoxo

Suicidal raincheck

2 hours ago I got this message:
____ wants to call you. He wants to say his goodbyes.

2 hours ago:
Panic had stricked social media, and everyone turned to show a loving hand.

2 hours ago:
I got a phone call. I played dumb. He said he wasn’t going to say much because he wasn’t going to be around much longer.

Questions flooded out carefully like pouring a mug of hot tea. No spills, slow sips and sudden gulps. Sometimes we burnt our tongues but we laughed it off.

Before we noticed we were refilling and starting again, going on a tangent about life. Discovering words are sounds with meaning.

Or symbols written and drawn in funny patterns that apparently make sense to us. Not to all of us however. We don’t all speak English.

It wasnt long before we brought out the different biscuits. A munch here. A bite there. Before we know it our jokes are deep analysises of the world and dinosaurs.

Midnight was beautiful. Music is beautiful. Life, death, the enigma of the future. Everything is so fasinating. So beautiful in ways ones never imagined.

I told him it was selfish. He’d heard it before; he didn’t flip but rather level headedly gave me his point of view.

Silences were breathtaking. Rarely happened. Nonstop communication and trust.

Then comes the time I realised we’d been talking for an hour. That was okay with us. We had a lot to talk a bout.
Which of course carried on to the next hour as the topics changed.

The route of the thought train was not always visual. Though always there!

One hour turned to two and they were one of the best moments. Full of tears and happiness, secrets and discoveries.

It’s your opinion. But:

Life is perfect. I love it.

Micaiah’s xoxo

Lyrics of the day 6

Too much of anything can make you sick.
Makes it hard to know which road to go down.
Just know you’re not in this alone.

Quiting is out of the question.
All you can do is make the best of it now.

We gotta fight for this love

We’ve been driving so fast we just need to slow

Micaiah’s xoxo

Lyrics of the day 5

Am I throwing you off?
Didn’t think so

you’re looking for a girl who’s ganna treat you right

I’m curious about you


What you waiting for?
I know what you want and I got what you need.

Chivalry is dead but its still kinda cute

I’m a big girl I can handle myself

I want you on my team
– So does everyone else

I’m all yours.

Micaiah’s xoxo

Blog posts

I still don’t understand what posts are really…

Does it depend who you Are? Ate we meant to write to inform? To entertain? Explain? Argue maybe??

Like a newspaper, do we need to write the whos, wheres, whens, whats and whys of the situation at bay?

Or like a diary?  Sharing all the sweet details of my secrets…

The possibilities are endless. Which is why I’m confused!

Micaiah’s xoxo