So was it a one night stand?

Micaiah’s rushing all around the house knowing she’s going to be the only single one at the sleepover with three other single guys who have placed their bets.

Who’s she ganna get with

It’s a stupid thing really. Though I’m sure it happens a lot. Lucky her, had two guys falling all over her competing to see who got the trophy wife.

Needless to say one of them pulled the move faster than the other and kind of just got in there. Unfortunately, Micaiah was just letting it happen. The attention was great but the rest of it didnt feel great.

It’s not like she’s complaining, but after the night some people started asking the question:
Was it just because it was a party? Just because you could? Might it go anywhere? What are you two now?

Honestly, no one knows. They don’t want labels. Micaiah actually would have enjoyed the night just as much if no one had pulled a move and she could have just been one of the lads eating Chinese food and playing xbox.

Micaiah started feeling restricted too. On no ones fault but her own, so yeah, when no one was looking she didn’t let the other guy go unnoticed. It doesn’t ever quite work out though.

Micaiah has no romantic attachment to either of these guys. She was basically just going through the motions. She doesn’t have time for the emotions.

So was it just a one night stand?

Yes. I hope so.

Micaiah’s xoxo


Home away

Portugal in England

Nice traditional food and setting for me.  Even though I don’t live a traditional Portuguese life style its nice to have something that can bring me back to what I’m missing back at my first home.
The food is excellent, on occasion my dad buys ingredients from this place – because it’s basically a café-restaurant-Super Market thing.


It’s nice that I can travel across the sea via footsteps to appreciate cuisine and culture.

Micaiah’s xoxo

Under the Influence

I have never been drunk

I’m the type of person who says “oh I don’t drink.” “I won’t drink,”
But in reality I’m actually like “please don’t let me, because I will…”
I give in to peer pressure easily which sucks so bad.
It’s not like drinking is that bad anyway, but the thing is I’m young and don’t want to start having bad habits, on top of that I don’t actually enjoy watching people drink just to get drunk as they throw up or lose their virginity to a stranger…
But tonight, I can’t stop fantasising it, wondering, considering it. I don’t just mean drinking…
I mean completely get smashed! I meam it probably won’t happen but I want to drown my non-exsitant sorrows.
Like that carrot. That damn carrot. So orange. So down to earth. Tastes so good. Then I finished it. God damn it.

Micaiah’s xoxo

Fly away

Free spirts fly.

I decided to fly through the air and live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as I could.       

A friend of mine told me recently she was moving away.
She didn’t want to.
She got upset thinking of all the people she would be missing.
How she had no.idea what to expect…
How she has no idea and no control of what might happen.
Everything would change…

Change is scary.

Then she noticed.
How she had no idea what to expect. Instead of expecting the same old day again.
How she had no control pver what might happen and would have to leave it to fate and destiny.
Everything would change.

Change is exciting.

Micaiah’s xoxo

You might learn something

If you’re doing the job they have to promote you.
Then you have to catch up.
Otherwise they’re getting away with murder.
You know you just have to get on withthe work.
“Oh yeah but…” no buts otherwise you’re getting paid to do nothing and someone will notice.
Then they’ll have to fire you.

Micaiah’s xoxo

Being okay is better than not

I don’t know how I do it.
I feel like I’ve been slaking off and yet, I’m still on top of everything I do…

I haven’t done the homework for geography but when the teacher asked me the question I foubd myself knowing the answer without research.

I hadn’t practiced my speech, found myself improvising and that I knew what I was doing.

I need to print somethings for art, bring in some objects and try things out /specific/ to your own topic. Well besides the topic thing the rest was alright.

I have no idea how this is going so well. Maybe it was never an issue in the first place. Maybe I should just chill.

You know what? Things are okay right now.

Micaiah’s xoxo

Be a Bae

Weirdly enough, bae has become a thing. An obsessive thing that I don’t really know or understand how to use, because I’m the kind of person to go:
Oi bae!
That’s so bae
You are so bae
Life is bae
Food is bae
Bae is hot
I cant – omg – bae

I’m serious… What the actual bae is our language? I say our meaning my generation, or at least me and the people in my year/ whole school / town or whatever.

Is this a new word or has it been hiding in the woods for a few years? Like where on earth did selfie come from? Who started it and made it up? I’m not complaining but… I’m starting to get why some people look at us with that look. You know the one. The “shut up or I’ll make you” / “enough is enough” look like saying lol out loud or any other text talk…

Micaiah’s xoxo